XICHI inverter in mine hoist on the application

First, the technical characteristics of
  the electrical CFC710 XICHI series vector inverter independently developed by our company for mining enterprises inverter products, both for the installation of new mines, can also be used to transform the old mine, is a performance in the domestic leading level electronic control system, it has the following technical characteristics:
(a) The system of environmental requirements are lower.Fluctuations in the power grid within ± 15%, constant torque boost, not because of power fluctuations load hoist situation.
(Two) can be realized reload speed starts.Motor soft start, starting torque, with load capacity.
(Three) speed regulation flexible.Motor can achieve stepless acceleration and deceleration process is very smooth, the current impact, greatly reducing the mechanical impact strength.
(Four) using chip unified control and PLC outer end of the circuit interface combine to make the speed control system with high reliability, while the powerful ability to control the use of PLC flexible control.
(Five) security protection function.Apart from overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, overheat, short circuit to protect themselves, but also with external control chain protection, including brake signal, reverse signal chain, the inverter circuit fault signal and system security chain , the machine with automatic deceleration procedures.
(Six) The system uses vector-based control technology, than the V / F pattern more reliable.
Vector-based control technology and V / F type control technology, has the following advantages:
■ low torque characteristics of a good.
■ zero speed torque hold function.
■ dynamic response characteristics of a good, fast response to load changes and external control commands.
■ Speed control of high precision, easy to achieve high-precision synchronization control.
■ direct torque control characteristics, to facilitate the realization tension control program.
(Seven) The system uses modular design, has the following advantages:
■ Easy to provide customers with tailor-made open platform.
■ Easy to equipment upgrades and maintenance.
■ reduce overall application costs.
Second, the frequency control system can achieve automatic operation and manual operation in two ways
■ Automatic operation mode
using the machine PLC powerful control capabilities, by setting the appropriate parameters, the drive can be achieved automated operation, which greatly improved the hoist operating efficiency.Hoist operation, in addition to open, stop, the manual intervention may not be required.
■ Manual operation mode
this mode, the operator through the master controller to control the motor speed to achieve crawling motor, acceleration, deceleration, constant speed, deceleration in the system gives the signal, in order to ensure the safety of the entire system, the inverter will still start the machine automatically slow process.
Third, the application prospects and benefit analysis
  proved that my company developed CFC Series Programmable mine hoist frequency control system is simple, reliable, energy efficient, complete protection, ease of automatic control, etc., can completely replace the traditional control mode, the functional and technical integration of innovation, to the domestic advanced level, with a very high promotional value.The system is energy-saving effect is obvious, saving rate of 30% or more.Meanwhile frequency converter device reliability and safety are greatly increased, thus greatly reducing the operational failure and repair time, mine production was significantly increased by the users of praise.



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