Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen West Chi was founded in 2006 , is a professional engaged in industrial automation product development , production and sales of high-tech enterprises. In recent years , the company continues to accelerate the pace of research and development , the introduction of foreign advanced technology today , at home and abroad by the number of years in power electronics and automation product development professionals to participate in the high-tech enterprise dedicated to industrial automation , power electronics, electric drive , mechatronics products and other fields shape the most outstanding brands.

  Shenzhen XICHI to develop, produce world-class products as the goal ; starting point, high technology is the cornerstone of our creation and development . Companies with well-known universities and research institutes for technical support, combined domestic and international famous enterprises, and brought together a group of prime talents.

  According to the actual needs of Chinese customers , we have developed the following products : CFC610 high performance general-purpose inverter , CFC710 current vector -type inverter , CFC310 customer-specific type inverter , AC servo systems and induction heating power supply , which can meet different industry needs of different customers . Companies strictly enforce the international quality assurance system standards, adhering to the " application of advanced technologies to create optimal customer value ," the spirit, and always adhere to the advanced technology with outstanding service , providing customers with cost-effective, highly reliable products and the most satisfactory service, accurate to help customers achieve their goals, create brilliant achievements.

  We know that 21st century is the era of profound change , opportunities and challenges. The company will further committed to talent and technology for the Trust , to serve as backing , and to meet customer requirements for the purpose of ISO9001 international quality certification system under the guidance of operation , to the best cost-effective products to meet the needs of customers .

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